MediaHead Inc. has over 25 years experience in the web publishing industry providing front to back custom web publishing services with unlimited capabilities.


In the late nineties, MediaHead Inc. developed raw code for making flip-books so publishers could display their print product online. Many publishers were delighted to be able to accomplish this during this period.


Today over 25 years later we have refined the very process we initially developed. Additional services were developed and continue to be developed to bring new and exciting add-ons and plugins to make the online experience an exciting one. We are very proud of our digital publishing capabilities.


We also believe a publisher’s intellectual property needs to be secure. This is why we build, develop and host on our clients server or cloud servers our clients have access to. With MediaHead Inc. there is no front or back end advertising.


All of the work that we do in digital publishing, responsive web design, PHP Actionscripts, MySQL databases, video services etc are all designed to help bring a unique online experience for readers and the publishers that produce them. We are committed and devoted to this service and technology.


MediaHead Inc. provides the maximum security for purchaser, subscriber or reseller. All financial transactions are handled through our gateway, so MediaHead Inc. never sees or asks for your credit card information in any way. We do not accept credit card information over the phone or by email. All invoices are generated digitally and due upon receipt.


Monthly subscription services for our ongoing digital or hosting services, allows easy monthly “subscription” payment withdrawals via our online gateway so there is no need to manually interact each month. One time payments are done from an online invoice, so the buyer clicks a payment and enters either their PayPal information or credit card information without providing first hand to MediaHead Inc.. Your financial information is protected and secure.


Cancellation to our services is managed by the client. If cancellation is required, the client simply logs into their PayPal account and cancels their subscription service. This way there can be no argument, since the client or purchaser, fully controls, purchase, subscription and/or cancellation. There are no exceptions or refunds. This is about providing the highest level of security in financial transactions.


Hosted intellectual property that MediaHead Inc. provides online is maintained and hosted while you are a subscriber, after which it is removed from our secure servers, unless other arrangements have been made. Continued hosting requires additional charges at the current hosting rate and determined by MediaHead Inc. Back up is the responsibility of the purchaser or subscriber by backing up off site and/or making backup arrangements with MediaHead Inc. Non subscriber archives will be deactivated and deleted from our servers unless other arrangements have been made. Subscriptions are based on a one year self-renewing calendar contract if setup fees have been waived.


Your intellectual information and financial information is not shared with any entity or person not associated with MediaHead Inc. MediaHead Inc. takes your privacy very seriously. MediaHead Inc. does not sell or rent your contact information to other marketers.


Reseller payment for services are also generated immediately after confirmation of order and payment to MediaHead. Payment to Reseller is made through verified email payment for fast, easy and direct pay.

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