Page 2 Happy Holidays • 2017 Coffee Smoked Ham This recipe was developed at the station one day when I was missing the Dr. Pepper® that I usually basted my ham in. My engineer suggested using strong coffee, as it was what he used when cooking wild game roast. Left with little choice, I poured some strong coffee into the pan slipped the ham into the oven and cooked basting every 20-30minutes. I was amazed at the flavor, the ham was not coffee flavored but rather the flavors had quietly melded into a mouthwatering experience raved by the entire crew. The next Easter I once again cooked this ham but this time I cooked the ham in my smoker adding yet another depth of flavor that brought this recipe to perfection. If you do not have a smoker, here is a trick. Get a disposable miniature aluminum loaf pan. Soak your wood chips in water (I use apple wood). Place the drained wood chips inside the loaf pan, cover tightly with foil and poke holes in foil with fork. Place the loaf pan over high heat on one side of the grill and place the ham over low heat on the opposite side of the grill. Try and keep the meat cooking at around 250 - 300°F. Shopping List (serves 6) 3-4 pound spiral sliced ham no bone ¼ cup spicy brown mustard 1 teaspoon hot horseradish 1 tablespoon red chili powder 2 cups strong dark coffee, I like a strong brewed Costa Rican coffee. Cooking Directions Place the ham in a roasting pan (I use a disposable aluminum pan). Pour the coffee into the pan, mix together the mustard, horseradish and chili powder to form a paste. Coat the ham evenly with the mustard mixture. Bring the smoker to heat and add your wood for smoking, place the ham in the smoker and cook at 250 - 300ºF for 1 hour, baste the ham with the coffee juices every 20- 30 minutes add more smoking wood as needed. Cover the ham with foil and continue to cook for an additional hour or until ham is cooked through; continue basting. Once the ham is cooked through remove from the grill and allow ham to rest for 15-20 minutes basting a couple more times then slice and serve. I like to pair this ham with steamed broccoli; garlic/ cheese mashed potatoes or grilled seasonal fresh vegetables. Leftover ham can be diced, mixed with chopped green chili, crisp bacon, hash browns, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and wrapped inside a tortilla to create a top notch breakfast burrito for the crew next morning. 1380 San Juan Blvd. • Farmington, NM 505-327-5012 • 800-928-7668 FOR ALL THE EXTRA FAMILY & FOOD OF THE HOLIDAYS... Alt: 505-215-2780 505-436-2585 Call for an Appointment! Fast, Reliable, Honest Service Serving San Juan County & Surrounding Areas WE RENT Portable Toilets & Wash Stations WE PUMP Septic Tanks, RV Tanks, Grease Traps 2333 E. Main St. • Farmington, NM (505) 325-4195 346 S. Camino del Rio • Durango, CO (970) 247-0845 Get 'em what they Really want! Everyone loves gifts that go! TTR50 ZR200 KX100 CRF50 We Also Carry Gear & Apparel! *ATVs are not recommended for riders under 7yo. Please account for skill level when purchasing and always wear safety gear.