Page 7 Happy Holidays • 2017 smaller mixing bowl combine the vinegar, olive oil, chili sauce, ginger and garlic and whisk, pour mixture over the cabbage and mix to coat evenly. This slaw is best if you can make it the day in advance and allow to rest in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Since the inception of this recipe, I have used this fish and slaw combination, along with sliced tomato, cucumbers and sliced limes to create Asian Fish Tacos by wrapping in a lettuce leaf and seasoning with lime. Pan Roasted Brisket Few things in life beat a meal of flavorful smoky brisket. I developed this recipe to produce the full flavor of a smoked brisket with the simplicity of an oven roasted cooking. The secret of a tender and moist brisket is to ensure that the cooking liquids only cover the meat by half and cover with a tight fitting lid for the first 6 hours of cooking. Braising with low heat will ensure that all the connective tissues in the brisket break down tenderizing and adding moisture to the meat. Once the brisket is finished cooking and resting use a knife to scrape the remaining fat layer off of the top of the brisket, slice the brisket across the grain in ¼” slices. Leftovers are well served by chopping the brisket, adding extra BBQ sauce and serving as chopped BBQ beef sandwiches on a sweet onion burger bun. Another option is to dice the cooked brisket into ½” pieces and combine with potato, fire roasted green chili, onion and making brisket hash. Ingredients (serves 4) 6-8 pound brisket flat, not trimmed 1 ½ cups strong dark coffee (I like Costa Rica) ½ cup soy sauce ¾ cup Dr. Pepper ® 3 tablespoons liquid smoke (I like mesquite) 2 tablespoons course ground black pepper 3 tablespoons minced garlic 4 tablespoons red chili powder Juice of 1 lime Cooking Directions Pre-heat oven to 400°F; place the brisket fat side up in a large oven safe roasting pan. Combine the remaining ingredients in a bowl and stir to mix well. Pour the mixture over the brisket to only cover the meat by half, cover the pan with foil or a tight fitting lid. Place brisket in the oven and reduce the heat to 220°F and cook for 6 hours. After the 6 hour cook raise the temperature to 350°F remove the foil or the lid; spoon juices over the top of the brisket and continue to cook for an additional 2 hours basting with the juices every 30 minutes or as time permits. Remove brisket from the oven and allow brisket to rest for 15 minutes prior to slicing. FREE Diamond Necklace with *Must Present Coupon. Not Valid with any other offer. Valid for in-stock items only. Expires 12/24/17. 4301 Largo St. Ste E Farmington, NM 87402 (505) 327-3800 MJM Jewelers Custom Design & Casting Repairs & Remounts You Don't Have to Be Rich to Sparkle $ 250 Purchase WINDOW TINTING, CHROME ACCESSORIES, HEADLIGHT RESTORATION, AUTO DETAILING, BEDLINERS, RUNNING BOARDS, NERF BARS, BUMPERS, FUEL TANKS, BED RAILS, GRILLS, TONNEAU COVERS, BUG SHIELDS, CAMPER SHELLS, LIFT KITS, LEVELING KITS, TOOL BOXES & MUCH MORE! Now Located at: 2301 San Juan Blvd. Farmington, NM 505-326-6644