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with over 25 years in the industry as award

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publishers and cloud integrators. 

Mediahead Digital Technologies

"We Take Privacy Seriously"

Private Browsers: DuckDuckGo, Qwant Or SearX
Private Operating Systems: Linux or Tails
Private Cloud Servers: Skiff, Mega, pCloud, Proton, Sync, Tresorit
Alternative to YouTube: Rumble, Odysee, Dailymotion
Dump the Sim in Your Cellphone | Webtech Shows How
Dump Googlemaps | Use AppleMaps, Osmand or OrganicMaps
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Creative Designs

Creative Designs

Brand Consulting

Brand Consulting

Coding & usabiltiy

Coding & Usability

Digital Technologies for Business


About Us

The industry is evolving rapidly, and so are we. Our service and history reflects the convergence of web, publishing, ecommerce, estores, subscription, eforms, ad management and cloud hosting into a single multi-media entity growth industry that all businesses have some involvement in one way or another.

We believe in delivering the best possible solutions for our clients, at the best prices with a simple, effective and fast track game plan. We are able to do this via our 25+ years of industry experience. 

We were computer driven when the first computers came into existence. We developed software to bring legacy print newspapers and magazines so they could be read online. The entire web market became our development playground.

award winning design

If it's web related, we do it..
It's not rocket science, it's experience. Well over 25 years.
But more than technical one banger solutions, we provide workflow.

Branding Resources

Even the simplest of jobs requires a branding understanding indicating the direction of emphasis.

Market Analysis

Knowing facts on the competitive market, provides a better compass for most web development strategies.

Web Solution

With all the facts underway and a clear understanding of budget and expectations, the path is clear.

Digital Media

Digital media can be delievered beautifully on the front end, but the back end has to let the world know.

User interface

This is technical design, particularly in writing software, but it is similar in web design. It must be logical.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is everywhere the important aspect of all things visual. It can be the most consuming as an art.

Get Published With Us

Developing and Delivering Any Solution Requires a Good Explanation and Understanding of What is Involved. Partial or Turnkey Operation.
We Have the Experience. Newspaper, Magazine, Newsletter.


Branding &



Branding &



Branding &



Branding &


We Provide Options

Google's Dominance and Control Tactics are being felt everywhere. Shutting Down YouTube Channels, Unverifying businesses from google search, shutting people out of Gmail and making it impossible to be found on google Search Engine unless you pay for google ads.
Backup Gmail Contacts & Data Now!


Let our experience move to the direction of your desire ensuring you get exactly what you want. We know how to tap into what you see and we can build and deliver affordably.


There are many variations of ecommerce which provide full bore online stores, to selling some products and/or services, to the occasional product or service. We can provide all.


Powerful means experience using cutting edge tools that deliver front and back end missions to enhance your business. Your site needs power to be seen and trigger business.


When you need a change to your site that is important and you need it done quickly, we are there for you. This could be a product or service change, we understand your hurry.


Our support is available during working hours by phone and email and by email after hours. After hour SOS can be done per your instructions quickly and efficiently.


One of our give backs, is where we provide quick simple products at very low rates. For example, a web page, an email, and a site URL for $199, logo for $59, video $99.


Let us quote any job you have that is web related, including logos, web presentations, cloud development and you will see that our rates come in much lower.

Fast cloud

There are multiple ways to put your website, software or server into the cloud and we know the options. While we work first hand with Amazon AWS, we also use other options.

Working Hours

Standard hours. However, if a client needs a project quickly,
we will deliver to what is required.

Mon to Fri

09:00 - 18:00


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