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Mediahead Digital Technologies provides a wide variety of web services from one end to another. Over 25 years in the web and web publishing industries allows us to offer low prices with unlimited wide ranging features. Turnkey services from domain registration, concept design, writing, layout, ecommerce, forms, booking systems, subscription, cloud hosting and SEO, backlinking, Google Analytics, and social media marketing.


MediaHead delivers world-class results in the areas of print, desktop, browser & mobile design, as we deliver the latest trends to the world’s biggest brands & startups. We can be your outsource resource if you are a newspaper, magazine, catalogue, self publisher or entrepreneur offering partial or turnkey production, layout, writing, advertising and fulfillment services.


MediaHead specializes in affordable estores and shopping carts for all businesses up to corporate driven world class ecommerce sites. eStores are now the most popular and affordable way to build a business with international online sales capability. We will build the store, promote it using powerful SEO, backlinks, social media and strong Google linking and analytics.


Mediahead provides a wide range of online presentations for your website, email or business meeting. From full video, video splash, walkthru video, animations, or high end slide shows, we deliver affordable presentations of every kind to meet any budget. Unlike a TV commercial, video presentations are not restricted to 15 or 30 seconds and although effective at this length, can be much longer to accommodate tutorial or educational needs etc. People seek out video presentations to learn about something they are interested in.


Mediahead has been providing turnkey Internet services since 1990. Register or transfer your domain with us and get the most powerful fully supported CPanel commercial cloud hosting at the lowest affordable rates you will find anywhere. Why Mediahead? Rather than receive basic services from other hosting services, Mediahead provides First Class experience and assistance with easy load plugins like forms, full web sites, ecommerce, blogs, bulletin boards, databases etc. to assist you with your personal or business goals.


Mediahead provides a very wide range of affordable custom solutions to fulfill your needs. Custom services include: ecommerce, forms, PHP tools and services, estores, booking systems, database solutions, MySQL, video production and web integration, SEO services, Google Analytics management, back links, social network marketing. We also provide story and technical writing, full layouts of your catalogue, magazine, directory, digitizing, print etc. We are here to assistance you with over 25 years experience.


The business of web, publishing, digital management, promotion and development is our business. This industry is evolving rapidly, and so are we.


Our service and history reflects the convergence of web, publishing, eCommerce, eStores, booking systems, subscription, eForms and cloud hosting into a single multi-media entity growth industry that all businesses have some involvement in.


MediaHead has been serving clients for over 25 years.


Our clients represent today’s most trusted and compelling online companies. Their jobs are to keep ahead of the game with leading-edge technologies. Our job is to help them succeed.


Our advocacy, proprietary research and technology bring together the brightest minds united under one shared purpose.


Together, we’re creating the strategies and business models that will enable companies to thrive for years to come.


Mediahead started out with a five inch MacIntosh computer, using linotype film and Aldus Pagemaker back to the eighties. We created internationally acclaimed magazines with award winning design that we launched at Photokina. Today we continue on the cutting edge of technology in the publishing, web and ecommerce industries providing the most affordable rates you will find anywhere. Contact us for a quote, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

When smartphones first appeared on the market and programmers were able to launch mini-apps, Mediahead was there. Later, we were one of the first to develop and produce IOS and Android Apps. We recognized early that millions of customers would soon be using mobile apps as their information source. A steadily growing industry. Contact Mediahead for the expertise you are looking for.

We saw Facebook and Twitter grow like a wild fire garnering new users and building a marketplace to discuss products, services on a wide variety of channel pages and groups. We knew social media had to be part of every companies marketing plan and so we adapted early and understand meta tags, hash tags, back linking, Google analytics and an SEO optimized properties.