Digital Page Turning Features

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This form will help us understand how you want your digital page turning online ebook to look like. For digital newspapers, magazines, newsletters, catalogues, manuals, brochures, self-publishing etc. Some areas below are checked as a pre-default, but just change to suit your needs. Please note if sections are left incomplete below the default will be used. Uncheck/check correct box.

First Name
Last Name
Office Telephone with Ext.
Cell Phone
Fax Number

We receive a lot of files, some with very obscure names, please help us identify your file by providing its name. If the PDF file you are sending is under 20Mb, you can send by email to: If PDF is larger please upload using our FTP info as follows:
Logon Type: Normal
Password: EZupload12345
If you do not have FTP software you can download Filezilla Free at:
Please make sure you enter a "Title Name" you want entered into the header of your ePublish book. If left empty, no title will be assigned.
Typically this is a Sub-Title that appears on the top right of the digital page that can bear a link if you want. If there is a link add this in the field below.

If Yes, please email a transparent .png logo to Or let us know if you would like us to make a transparent logo for you. If this is the case, just send your logo as is and we will make it transparent for a small fee.

Optional. Google Analytics tracks multiple web properties and sets up reporting access. Go to Google to set up your own Analytics number. More info at
Or we can set up a page tracking service for you with login, just let us know.

All live text whether email or web link will be made LIVE automatically. However graphics are a closed file (not live) and would therefore need to be manually linked... if a link is required. Graphic links are handled manually and require a small fee for handling. Let us know the pages that require graphic links added with the appropriate URL the Comments section below. An example why you would want to do this is if you have an ad placed in the page and the advertiser wants it linked to their home

CPS can host your digital published files free as long as we are providing services to you. Or we can automatically load to your web site server automatically. Or we can load to your hosted Amazon server automatically. Contact us at if you have questions on this.
Further if we host, we can provide a URL like: or for a small fee we can make a domain with your name in front:

The normal would be a plain black background, but we can provide any color scheme or image that you would like. Example you may have a background image and prefer a specific color set for headers or drop down/popup menus. Just let us know in the Comments section below.

Embedded videos can be added to any page and will require a small fee to do this as it is a manual process. The video will be a live rectangle that will fit soemwhere on the page so please leave a section blank or put in a placeholder where the video is to go. Please indicate in the Comments section below: page number and the URL of the video that is parked in Youtube or Vimeo etc. See example:

Like videos embedded audio can be added to any page as a clickable link or a separate button. Please indicate page and whether you want a click able link or a button for your audio file. Send audio file to:

Please choose whether you want your page to flip from page to page like a book or slide from page to page. See

Our normal default is no. Some people like to hear a sound as in flipping from page to page, others find it a distraction.

If unchecked your digital edition will not ba able to be printed or downloaded. Many publishers prefer to neither print or download, so your property can not be copied

You may want the your digital published product to be available for a specific period. If different to the boxes supplied, please click Other and let us know in the Comments section the specific handling of the Publish Period.

This is mainly for newspapers, special editions, magazines, newsletters etc where you want readers to be able to have access to previous issues.

Do you want a Table of Contents? See Sample:
If you do, please provide the Section Text, Sub Section and the page it refers to for each section that you want. Example:
Section - News Editorial
Subsection - Local - pg9
Use the Comments below or send in an email to:

If you do not fill this section out, we will assume you do NOT need password protection or a subscription system. However, if you do please understand a user password to your digitally published file would be a nominal fee, however a subscription system would require a separate software to handle various subscribers and finance to your bank if required. Just let us know here.
Many pertinent details can be added here.